The Gift of Music

The Gift of Music

Bear Cottage has a collection of beautiful musical instruments and among these is one which is particularly special. It is called a Reverie Harp.

You may perhaps have seen Bear Cottage Music Therapist Belle playing it for the children in the afternoons - a time when they may need music for rest - different from the morning sessions when music may be used more for stimulation and social enjoyment.

Whenever people pick up the Reverie Harp, they seem at once unable to resist running their fingers across its strings. It is a very inviting, tactile instrument made of mahogany, silky to the touch. Even children who have little physical movement are often drawn to it, moving their fingers to create music.

The Reverie Harp is in fact a type of lyre, an instrument which may be traced as far back as the ancient times of Mesopotamia. It is said that the earliest documentation of music being used for therapy is in the Biblical account of David playing a lyre for a troubled King Saul who was subsequently relieved and soothed by its sounds.

Even if you have never played an instrument, you can easily learn to play a Reverie Harp because it is impossible to make a mistake. This is due to its pentatonic tuning which means that every single string on the Reverie Harp always harmonises with all others. People often remark that its distinctive tonality reminds them of music on holidays taken in Bali or other parts of Asia.

Next time you are at Bear Cottage, if you would like to try the Reverie Harp, please let Belle know and she can show you just how easily you may create simple musical patterns which will not only be soothing for your child, but also restful for you.

The Reverie Harp is not only for parents, however. Siblings are often very good at it and discover how much they enjoy sitting with their brother or sister and making beautiful sounds.

Music may be used as a gift from one person to another. When we play a Reverie Harp for another person, it is possible to convey that we are there for them, allowing its gentle sounds to express to them the depth of all our unspoken emotions and longings.

Friday, 20 October 2017