Silver linings

Silver linings

During this lockdown period our Music Therapist Annabelle has been running regular virtual music therapy sessions for our Bear Cottage children and their families to enjoy.

One of the silver linings of the pandemic is that having these regular sessions with the children has led to them quickly learning to anticipate what is ahead and looking forward to the opportunity to participate. After 'logging on' Annabelle has been delighted to be welcomed by an eager child already patting a drum or shaking a bell in readiness for the session to begin.

These regular sessions have also enabled Annabelle to develop a repertoire of especially selected songs for each child, which can be added to over time. A single song enables so much potential for developmental growth for any child when used skilfully and therapeutically, addressing emotions, movement, cognition and social connection.

"Perhaps the greatest reward of online therapy is to see the way in which music gently weaves in and around the relationships of the people participating, drawing them closer together. It has been wonderful to observe not only the benefits for the children making the music, but also the spontaneous joy experienced by the adults. Providing them with the opportunity to make music with their child and perhaps without realising it, bringing a deeper enrichment to one of the most important relationships in their lives." says Annabelle.

"It's been fantastic doing Music Therapy with Annabelle. Aiysha loves music and it gives us an opportunity to do online learning really well. As Aiysha cannot participate in any online school classes at her mainstream school, she has missed out on another year of school, which is heartbreaking. Participation in music therapy especially now has been so very important for Aiysha to feel connected to the world outside, particularly during this extended lockdown. Thanks so much for Bear Cottage keeping this program going - it's been great!" Sharmila, Aiysha's mum

Tuesday, 5 October 2021